Equity Enhanced

FEE Structures

Now it is possible for attorneys to structure their contingent fees and have possibility of earning higher returns with funds invested in equity mutual fund accounts. This product can be used with any contingent fee settlement, not just personal injury settlements. For more information, see our brochure containing summary information on the Enhanced Attorney Fee Structure (“EAFS”) product provided by Midwest Trust, and a brochure with information on Midwest Trust.

A structured attorney fee using EAFS will pay out the structured fee as set forth in the settlement agreement, which will specify the timing and percentages of the distributions as agreed by the parties. Unlike a fixed structured settlement annuity where the amounts of the future payments are determined at the time of settlement, payments from the EAFS will vary with the performance of the underlying investments. Defendants or insurers who are parties to the settlement will have to cooperate with the EAFS arrangement. In the case of a Qualified Settlement Fund that agreement will be between the attorney and the administrator of the fund.

The investment funds offered under EAFS are a variety of low cost Vanguard mutual funds and a government bond fund offered by Northern Trust. The portfolio can be reallocated once every quarter as agreed by you and your trust account officer from Midwest Trust.

The current fee structure, which is subject to change, is set forth below:

Account Asset Value
$100,000 to $250,000 1.90% annually
$250,000 to $1,000,000 1.55% annually
$1,000,000 to $2,000,000 1.45% annually

Fees on the account will decrease when the next level is reached

There is also a Beta Plus version that costs an added 5 basis points (.05%) to 15 basis points (.15%) and adds offerings from Eaton Vance and Dimensional Fund Advisors plus more Vanguard funds.

Call Settlement Advisors to learn more about EAFS.